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  • 29 March 2016
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Under "Mijn NS", I can manage 3 OV-chipkaart. They all are in "Mijn producten": 1 is Traject Vrij, 1 is Dal Voordeel and 1 is Voordeelurenabonnement.
I can see the bill from my Traject Vrij OV-chipkaart, however, it does not appear in the list when I want to see the "Reis reishistorie". Until recently it was working fine, but for some reason it does not anymore. Eventhough the OV-chipkaart is valid (renewed, Ingangsdatum 11-02-2016).
What to do to get the reis reishistorie back ? Without that, I won't be able to claim anything if needed.


Beste antwoord door Tochjo 30 March 2016, 16:38

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There is a triangle next to your number. You can select another cardnumber.
Thank you, Thom.
That's the point, ok, from here I can see my 3 OV-chipkaart. But somehow I cannot get history for my "Travel Vrij" OV-chipkaart, it returns an error : "Inzien reisgegevens is voor deze kaart niet geactiveerd, activeer inzien reisgegevens onder 'Mijn producten'' eventhough this card is under Mijn Producten.

Most strange, if I go to the Mijn reishistorie page (top left), my Travel Vrij OV-Chipkaart is not proposed in the list at all. I have only choice for the 2 others cards.
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The error message suggests that you haven't enabled the option to view your travel history for that card yet. In Mijn producten, there should be a link that says something like "Aanmelden inzien reisgegevens" next to the Traject Vrij card. You should click it and follow the instructions on the screen.
Thanks a lot, Tochjo. It did the trick ! I did not know about that option.