More Love for Europe please - Mijn NS needs English translation (at least)

  • 23 maart 2021
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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I really love the Netherlands and especially the Sea, also I have greatest respect for how many things are handled really very clever in this fantastic country! Also I really love Pancakes and I strongly believe that the world can learn a lot from Netherlands, e.g. regarding Traffic- and Water-Engineering. Also I am very satisfied with NS.NL in general and I believe that you are offering a very good structure of subscriptions.

However - unfortunately I am not a speaker of the beautiful Dutch language - I can understand many things, but still I need to look up too many words to get into a flow.

This is why I would like to suggest to please, please, finally add an English translation to the customer area / account management area “Mijn NS” of your website. NL is such an international country - I can not believe that nobody in the management of NS.NL understands the idea that in a modern European country of course the customer area must be translated to English (at least!).

Why is that a problem? I suggested this about a year ago, again half a year ago - I know a bit about software and how to create it and I understand how little work needs to be done to translate Web UIs - this is really not “work” or “a big project” - it is a really basic thing that can be done in an afternoon by any junior developer with any modern framework.

So why not just simply do it? I feel NS.NL managers are really doing something wrong here - come on, this is not some small shop, it is THE TRAIN COMPANY - no English? I still can not believe it and keep looking for the translation switch button, but it does not exist. When I select “In English” offered on top of the website “Mijn NS” still is in Dutch.

I hope I have chosen my words not too strongly - English is not my native language, you see, I do not even ask for the languages of your European neighbors - I would be happy with English alone.

I understand very much that “Our Language / Nation First” is a very easy to think and tempting idea, but as somebody who was accidentally born and raised in Germany I can tell you that too much of that spice can quickly get poisonous.

Thank you very much for your attention!

Have a nice day!


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BTW also this actual community was built without any possibility to show English (or any other language) translations for UI text elements? I can not find any language switcher, nor can I set the preferred UI language in the settings form.

The Internet really is one thing first: it is an international place. Any professional (“taking money for work”) web developer should understand that and learn about I18N on day two of his career - and should deliver of course translations or at least the possibility of adding future translations with any software that leaves the house, even if the management or the marketing guys are sleeping deeply, it is such a fundamental thing. It is something you just do and is part of any software, it is not “extra” or “premium”.

It feels very surreal that I have to write this on the website of such a huge company.


Hello SEALOVE. Welcome to the Community!

We get this request regularly. I have emailed the creators of our website with the questions why Mijn NS is not available in English and if this will change soon. I hope to have more info soon!


PS I :heart:  pancakes too! :grin:

Ah, yes, and one more thing: of course it is not only about text - of course you want to be able to allow for international address types in your customer database - I am still not able to input my correct address because the software does not allow for any other address format than Dutch addresses - this is not an acceptable outcome for a software project that certainly did cost some amount of money.

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When you look the NS website in English you get the following option:

After clicking on any of the options you only get Dutch. You couldn’t make it up. Having text in English is completely pointless if the rest of the website is only in Dutch.

Good news! They are working on an English version of Mijn NS as we speak. 

If it all goes according to plan it should be live at the end of April :smile: .

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Many other pages on the NS website simply take you to the main page when you try getting the page in English.

At least you still get the Mijn NS page in Dutch when logging in. Good to hear they’re working on the translation.