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  • 30 August 2021
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I received my ov-card and linked it to my account online but I couldn’t find the subscription(Dal Voordeel). Moreover, I haven’t find where to link my bank account. I will be appreciated if you could help me : )


Beste antwoord door Laura NS 30 August 2021, 13:07

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Do you have an account at MijnNS? It is no obligation, but wise. Everything can be found there.

Welcome to our NS Community WJiang.

I'm sorry that the My NS account won't show what you want to see. It is a My NS-account you're talking about and not a My OV-chipcard-account, right? That's important. 

Did you order your season ticket together with a new OV-chipcard? If so, the season ticket should already be active on the card and visible in the account. If you ordered the season ticket on an existing OV-chipcard, it's important to activate this at a card machine or loading point first. If this is the case, have you done so?

Is the card with the season ticket you're talking about the only card in the account? If not, I suggest you remove the other cards, they could be blocking something.

When the season ticket is visible, it will also show an option to change the bank account.

Let me know!