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  • 15 March 2016
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Dear NS staff, I left the Netherlands more than 1 year ago. Unfortunately, I forgot to end my OV chipcard and cancel my subscription (50 euros per year). I received an email in January saying this subscription would be extended automatically so they would charge me 50 euros. I replied saying I wanted my account to be canceled so I won't go back to the Netherlands and I don't need the card and subscription anymore. They told me I had to fill a form and send the card phisically to the Netherlands so they would cancel it. Problem is I lost the card time ago. I just know the number cause I found it in old emails. Besides, the dutch bank account I used to pay the subcritpion when I lived there was closed time ago so once NS tried to charge me the money they couldn't.
Please, could you help me with that? I recently received a letter from syncasso saying I have to pay not only 50 euros but also 40 euros more. I think I don't have to do that since I requested you to help me either blocking my card or simply cancelling the automatic re-subscription. And noone helped me. Since I don't want to have more problems in the future... could you help me now? Could yo cancel the subcritpion so I don't receive more emails asking for money for a service I will never use.
Many thanks,
My card number is: (removed because of privacy)

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Hi EnriqueGR,

Welcome to the NS forum. You need to end your OV-chipcard first at the OV-chipcard company (TLS). After 3 days you can send me your personal data + the number of your OV-chipcard through a private message to cancel the subscription. You can send me a private message by clicking at my name and 'stuur bericht'.

Edit: I canceled your subscription and I also sended you a e-mail to confirm that. You don't have to pick up a deactivation a train station.
Hi Brian,
thanks for your help, I already received a confirmation from OV-chipcard company saying they have finally blocked my card ( like 4 days ago or so).
I have sent you a private message with my card number.
Please, could you now cancel my subscription?
Many thanks
Hi EnriqueGR,

Yes, your contract is already canceled. Because you blocked the card you don't have to pick up a deactivation at a trainstation. On the 15th of march you received a e-mail confirm it.