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  • 19 September 2019
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Hoi Miss Lodha en welkom op onze NS Community!

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i am unable to register on the mail page as it is routing me to to this page PFA (please find attached ) as i do not have confirmation code with me :

Please let me know what should i do
You say you don't have it with you (right now?), but did you receive it at all, by letter?
yes i am uanble to proceed further to book ov chip card also i do not have the confirmation code with me how do i will get it ??

As i need ov chip card asap for my travel purpose but notable to do anything since it got stuck at this page where it is asking me confirmation code again and again .

I have not received any details about confimration code who can help me to get it need your advice
The code will arrive ASAP. However, you do not necessarily need an account in order to get the OV-chipcard with the season ticket. You can order this on our webpage. What kind of season ticket did you have in mind? If you do not want a season ticket, and only an OV-chipcard, you should order this at
my friends orderd it from and got the registraion done and choose package 32 euro plan also i need that
Can you try "Nieuw bij NS?" at
Hi Team ,

This application ask for 7.5 euros for the enabling the card , but through i was looking for direct reacharge of 32 euros weekend plan
I found that option is suitable for me , please could you check and confirm me with option to enable the card
I suggest you get in touch with our customer service, for they can take a look at the registration code and account.