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  • 14 December 2018
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I have a weekendvrij abonnement. While purchasing it there was an option for other family members living in the same address with discount. It is written that I can do it later via MijnNS but now i could not find a menu or any link to go through and buy weekend vrij abonnement for my wife with discount to households- bijbonnement. I can figure out how to do, please help.

Beste antwoord door Thom 14 December 2018, 16:18

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At Mijn NS, go for your subscription
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Mijn Producten

Abonnement aanpassen of uitbreiden

You will see at the right:


My MijnNS does not appear in English.
Dear Thom,
Thank you for your quick response. I clicked "Abonnement aanpassen of uitbreiden" but i could not find Bijabonnementen. Fortunately i found another way, i go through with normal weekend vrij purchase and in the first step i selected "Bent u hoofdabonnementhouder, dan kunt u dit ook als bij-abonnement bestellen."
Thanks again­čÖĆ