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  • 24 February 2020
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Hi guys,

I did receive my payment  on 10, Jan and 20, Feb. I DON'T WHY? I did order "altijd vrij" on 2,December, 2019, and I did make a payment € 437.61 for it by the end of December, then I was cancelled my subscription by the end of last year ( 31, December), since that I paid when I traveled, I don't know how come this bill € 151,22 on 10, Jan and 20, Feb. 

I tried to with mijn NS, but I can't open mijn NS - factuur to check about the details. I did go the the desk many time to ask about that, but your colleague also couldn't find the invoice, they also don't why I need to pay this bill. They helped me to write a message and call NS flex, no result. So I would want to know why I need to pay €151.22. waiting for your reply. Best regaids, Jun huang 


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Good morning Jun huang and welcome to the NS Community!

This Community is first and foremost a customer-helps-customer platform. For your question, it's best to contact our Customer Service departments, who'll be able to look up your information and the specific invoice. You can reach my colleagues via 030-7515155, Facebook, Twitter or via a chat conversation (top right option).