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  • 22 September 2021
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i have a weekend flex and will like to change from 2nd to 1st class; how can I do that? 




Beste antwoord door Robert B 22 September 2021, 19:13

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A way is: Go to Mijn NS, select your cardnumber, and wipe the button to first class. Check the other ones.  Btw: on my computer something went wrong at this very moment.

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To change Weekend Vrij to 1st class (for free travel in weekends), simply go to the Webshop and order Weekend Vrij including the €6 option for 1st class. It will be effective immediately.

For 1st class on weekdays, use the slider/switch in Mijn NS or the NS app. You will be billed accordingly (1st class costs 65% more than 2nd class during weekdays).

@Thom thanks! this solution (slider) though is for changing to 1st for the trips on weekdays; for changing to 1st class for the weekends (for the abonnement) I think @Robert B has the right answer


thank you both

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The slider does work during weekends; however, by using the slider you pay extra for each journey you make, namely 30 percent of the second class fare. Changing the subscription is probably cheaper, since you then pay a fixed amount of six euros for an entire month.

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It is just what you want. First class is quite affordable with Weekendvrij. In general it is more quiet, and suitable for people who like to read or work. Six euro’s extrais not a lot if you find yourself at home in the first class. Nor everybody does, though.


@Tochjo was faster, read this. Beware of the solution with extra costs. First class may become very, very expensive without the subscription. Take care.


In general the three euro’s a month for 40 percent reduction during working days in off-peak hours and the supplement for the first class are a good investment with Weekendvrij.

thank you all for your input! 🙂