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  • 24 September 2021
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Hello! I just created an account in ns so that I can buy an Ns flex product, but I don't have a Dutch phone number yet, and it won't accept my greek one. So the only way to buy Ns flex products is by having a Dutch number? Isn't there any other way that I can buy it with my greek number?


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I do not think one even needs a fone nr to order FLEX. What one DOES need is a proper dutch adress with postal code and a Dutch IBAN-bank account-many, many complaints about this have passed in this forum from people concerned. 

The seemingly only way around this is to call the ´service´centre as they might be able to put in the system bypassing the many constraints the online version puts on clients. But await further responses-there may be some other knowledgeable others

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By default, I use 0100000000 (10 digits) which is happily accepted.