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This is the first time I use NS Community, and hope I can get the answer of my question.

For a research if my school, regarding public transport, I need to know some in information about ‘’NS FLEX ALTIJD VRIJ’’ with the price of 351 euro.

Do you know how much of this 351 euro is related for ‘’travelling in peak hours’’ and how much is for ‘’travelling in off-peak’’ hours and how much is for ‘’weekend’’ ?

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The price for free traveling during the weekend costs 31 euro. |For free  traveling during the weekends and off-peak hours there is Dalvrij, 105 euro.So an indication for the off-peek-hours during the working days: €105 - € 31 is €74  This suggests that Altijd Vrij, €351-€105 has a price for the peek-hours of €246 euro. Actually I suppose that NS does not calculate it this way.


€246 for peek-hours, €74 for off-peek hours during working days en €31 for the weekend.


It is just an indication, it is not a scientific approach. NS has a system in calculation, but there is also policy. The policy of stimulating to travel during the weekends e.g.

Prices of Dalvrij and Weekendvrij were way higher soms years ago and have been lowered.


€ 351 is the about the limit of a TrajectVrij subscription.


@Tochjo is very well educated in math and has a lot of interest in this kind of stuff, so he may have a better knowledge of this, and the way of calculating. 


I am just guessing to give an indication.

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Maybe someone with this subscription can confirm the different prices. They are mentioned on the invoice. For instance, my Dal Vrij consists of unlimited travel outside peak hours for € 74 and unlimited travel in weekends for € 32.

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So an indication for the off-pwwkhoura during the working days: €105 -€ 31 is €74

Zo dat ging even niet helemaal goed zo te zien. :joy:


But back on topic:

I think @Robert B has already provided an answer in another topic where @Jannase asked the exact same question. 

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Pff, dan had ik het niet uit hoeven te rekenen.:grinning: Ik vond het als indicatie wel grappig, maar denk niet dat het zo is berekend. Zo te zien beschouwen @Robert B en ik het op dezelfde wijze, lol.


@loklok8: Dat blind typen is niet altijd goed, zo zie je maar.:innocent:


@Jannase: Doubleposting is not allowed.




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This is the first time I use NS Community, and hope I can get the answer of my question.


You copied probably.