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Hello I applied for cancellation for my ns flix on 16/5/2019 the date the cancellation was actually made 17/5/2019 and the amount of the invoice at the time was 68.61€ of cancellation and after cancellation, the bill doubles daily until the amount now it's 118,60€ and I will email the cancellation request as well as the invoice at the time of cancellation and the current invoice

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Contact Customer Service, 030 7515155, or with social media.
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Contact Customer Service, 030 7515155, or with social media.


I would like to cancel my (weekend) NS Flex subscription. I had tried to launch the process already during the past month but a message on the account informed me that a modification could only be submitted at the end of the month (subscription month). I checked the details online and was not able to find the steps on the app where I could notify or freeze the subscription temporarily. 


  • Change your NS Flex season ticket in Mijn NS
  • Select 'NS Flex without season ticket'
  • The change will go into effect as soon as the request is processed. This usually takes around 15 minutes.
  • You don't need to visit an NS Ticket Machine to change your season ticket.

I also tried calling the customer service, but it doesn’t answer. If anyone who has done it already in the past could tell me how to do it, it would be much appreciated. 


Thanks in advance, 

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A subscription change is not possible via the app. It is only possible in your Mijn NS via a web browser. A subscription in NS Flex can only be changed at the end of the subscription month.

To change a subscription:

  • Log in to your Mijn NS
  • Click on: bekijk en wijzig abonnement (see and change subscription)
  • Select the subscription you want to change to
  • And follow the steps to change the subscription

If a red notification comes up with the text: Uw producten kunnen niet worden geladen (Your products cannot be shown). In this case there is an error in the Mijn NS system. Try contacting the customer service to change the subscription.

Currently it is rather busy at customer service. The best wat to contact them is via chat, click on ‘Chat with NS’ or via Twitter/Facebook.


Thanks for the quick reply and the detailed description. 

I have indeed the red notification you are describing at the end (your products cannot be shown). I sent a message on the chat in order to reach the customer service, I will also try on Twitter. 


Thanks again for your help

Good you've sent a message via Chat/Twitter. It's very busy at the moment so it can take a bit longer for us to get back to you!