NS Flex Dal Vrij - Wijzig abonnement and Wijzig IBAN not working

  • 25 september 2019
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I have taken out NS Flex since April (5 months ago). Very handy of course, but when I looked at whether I could change my NS Flex subscription I encountered the following error message:

I was able to change it earlier but now I am not able to do it. I previously changed my IBAN and was able to see / navigate to the subscription change page but suddenly now I am not able to do both.

I am the contract holder! I took out the subscription myself.

Also someone from customer service converted my subscription by hand (to NS flex) manually in APRIL.

Also my friends took the same plan with me but they are able to modify and do the changes but not me.
Please suggest a solution for this.

6 reacties

Hello karan bedi. Welcome to the NS Community.

I am sorry that you cannot change your NS Flex product yourself. The only thing I can think of straightaway is that there is information in your account not corresponding with the information we have of yours. You also haven't added a card of someone else with NS Flex to your Mijn NS-account? It is a strange situation and I'd like to take a look at what is going on. Can you send me a private message?
Waiting on your reply karan bedi.
I think the issue has been resolved 🙂!

@karan bedi could you let us know if it works now?

Hi Maxime,

I am still having issue with the portal.


it shows me same error and also no monthly summary charges are shown.



Karan Bedi

I am sorry about that. I did not get a relpy on my last private message to you. I have sent a new message. If you could reply then we'll go from there!