Ns flex - not activated correctly?

  • 8 december 2018
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Hi good evening,
I did ordered Dal vry as season ticket and when I wanted to activate it in Eindhoven station, they said it is Ns flex and I also just saw 20€ was deducted from my account. I want my Dal vry subscription and i want the 20€ returned.
KiavasH Zare

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Good afternoon Kiavashzare and welcome to the NS Community!

You can purchase a Dal Vrij subscription as a part of NS Flex as well, and I'm assuming you probably have. Based on the fact that you had €20 deducted from your card, I think you've not activated the subscription yet however. I would recommend for you to contact our Customer Service to have this checked and have the €20 refunded if it was indeed unintended. You can contact them via 030-7515155, or bys ending a message via Twitter or Facebook.