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last month i transferred to NS flex by accedint but i called the customer service to cancel it because i wasn't really sure what is NS Flex, now i have many issues with my card because of this, when i log in to Mijn NS it shows on the home page that i have NS Flex but when i go to the products page i only see Reizen op saldo, i always had Ov Fiets Abonnement on my card but now i can't apply for Ov Fiets because it says i can't combine this product with another product i already have (i think because the system still dedect NS Flex on the card but it's actually Riezen op saldo when i try to check in) , i lost my Dal Voordel in the procedure and had to pay alot extra for my travels this month, i already called the customer service couple of times but they don't seem to know how to help and they referred me to the fourm... is it possible to fix this? im quite unhappy with this, i prefer to go back to the NS Flex if possible and have everything settled up again since now i understand everything about it and don't want to wait until the summer to have my issues fixed!

Beste antwoord door Miriam NS 22 mei 2018, 11:54

Update: We've found a solution to get back to NS Flex.rami.samman992 will order a new 'normal' Weekend Vrij subscription and will then have the opportunity to transfer to NS Flex again.
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Welcome to the forum!

I don't know much about NS flex but what you see is sort of correct.

OV-fiets was shown in Mijn NS as a supplement to a subscription (in this case, your former Dal Voordeel) but in fact it's a completely different product and is never even physically stored on the card itself (it's just coupled to the card number).

So what happened is you lost your Dal Voordeel (and hence don't see the OV-fiets anymore) but rest assured that OV-fiets is still active and will continue to work. No need to do anything.
Good evening rami.samman992 and welcome to the NS Serviceforum!

I'm sorry to read that you're having so much issues with this accidental change to an NS Flex subscription. I'd like to help you as best as possible with checking whether or not everything is still where it should be and possibly changing your subscription back. Could you send me a private message (click on my name, button 'stuur bericht') with your full name, zip code, house number, date of birth, e-mail address and OV-chipcardnumber?
@Robert.. i am pretty aware that when i have NS Flex it's included with the OV Fiets, my problem is that when i cancel the NS Flex and went back to Riezen Op Saldo i can't apply for the OV Fiets subscription the same way i did last year when applying for Dal Voordel together...

@Stijn i will send you a message, thanks alot!
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As I said in reactie #1, the OV-fiets CANNOT be cancelled from your card, unless NS has some procedure or reason to REVOKE (like when automatic 'incasso' from your bank account is not possible).

It's simply still active so no worries about that. The error message states that (not possible to combine with other products), because you have an OV-fiets subscription already!

Go ahead and rent an OV-fiets to test. Returning it within 15 minutes (for like in case of a defect) is free of charge!
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To explain further, first read what I wrote in my first response.

The OV-fiets subscription is completely separate from any other products on your card (in fact, it's not even stored on the card itself).

The error you are getting ("not possible to combine...") is simply correct, because Your card is already known in the OV-fiets system! so there is no need or purpose to purchase it again because of the subscription you already have. Makes sense, doesn't it :?

To test/confirm, please go ahead and (try to) rent an OV-fiets, it will succeed, I'm sure!
Returning it within 15 minutes is free of charge, e.g. for when there is a defect, so you can rent a new one then (in this test case not needed of course) 😃
i already tried in Amsterdam Central last weekend and got the card checked two times by the gaurd trying to rent one bike and he said i don't have the abonnement on the card,
Update: I'm still in contact with rami.samman992 to solve his issue. Getting him NS Flex back turned out a bit more complex than I originally anticipated. I've contacted colleagues of NS Flex to re-enable that option for rami.samman992 and I'm currently waiting for confirmation on whether or not that has been successfully processed.
Update: I haven't received a confirmation yet, but I've sent another request for an update.
Update: Stijn is away for a few weeks so i will take over the contact with rami.samman992. There a two options in this case and we've offered these to rami.samman992. If there is a definitive solution i will post the answer in this topic.
Update: I'm still in contact with rami.samman992.
Update: No final news yet, but there is a solution. I will dicuss this with rami.samman992 and will let the definitve solution know.
Update: We've found a solution to get back to NS Flex.rami.samman992 will order a new 'normal' Weekend Vrij subscription and will then have the opportunity to transfer to NS Flex again.