ov-chipkaart didn't register me checking in

  • 4 October 2021
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Good afternoon,

I have a specific problem and would appreciate it if someone from NS could solve it.

On Saturday 2 October I travelled from station Geldermalsen to Leeuwarden and back. However, when I was crossing through the gates on my way back in Leeuwarden, my ov-chipkaart apparently did not record this fact (although I presented my card at the gate and it opened). Therefore when I arrived in Geldermalsen, I checked in, instead of checking out. Now I received an email saying that on 2 October I made a journey without surcharge on the 1st class, which did not happen, and that I will be charged € 20 on my next invoice.

I will be grateful if someone could help me with this issue.


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In Leeuwarden your check in may have been at Arriva, instead of NS. In that case the gate opens but for traveling with Arriva. That is why you did not check out in Geldermalsen at NS by passing the gate, but checked in, as there was no check in in Leeuwarden with NS. 


We cannot help you, we do not have access to your data, but Customer service has, and may be willing to help. There will be some hassle. By phone or chat is the best way in your situation. There is probably also a check in at Arriva without a check out at Arriva.

Arriva does  offer nor charge first class in the North and your check in at Arriva was therefore second class. That may be why you were charged for a journey without surcharge for the first class. It is a little weird, Customer service may be understanding.

Check your My travels →  Journey history at MijnNS, it must be visible by now. Then you may be sure.