terrible customer service at NS - help!

  • 23 maart 2021
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Hi all,

I have called NS 3 times to ask them to change my direct debit from Amro to N26 (German bank). Simple thing, right? Well, it seems it’s an enormous task for NS staff. All times I have given them my old and new bank account (strictly confidential information!) And all times they apologize for last time, say they have lost my bank details and that this time they will fix it! Can someone help me with this? I don’t know what else to do. On top of that, I’m very frustrated that they don’t give a damn about highly confidential information like my bank account details. Surely that should be criminal?


Beste antwoord door Denice NS 9 april 2021, 21:57

Good news :smile:  @photis bank account has been changed to the German bank account

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Hi photis. Welcome to the Community!

I’m sorry to read that your bankaccount still hasn't been changed even though you have contacted us three times. Does it concern a NS Flex contract? I would like to take a look for you. Can you please send a private message with your name, date of birth, address and old and new bankaccount number?

Hello Denice. Thank you for offering to help me in this. It’s really been a frustrating experience so far. The private messages are not working in this forum!!! I just tried to do so but the blank box doesn’t let me type properly! Can you please give me your email address?

I have sent you a private message with the emailaddress you can use to contact us.

I just sent you an email to the address you mentioned with the title “Change of account - personal details”.

Hi Photis,


The same problem has an onther traveller in this topic.



NS has stated that they would make an instruction to solve this kind of problems. But this topic is of last year so i think NS has not done anything about it. It's a shame.   

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As you write in en there is a fair chance you are british, nah?

There are continuous confusions about how Brits think banks should work and how the practice is here in NL and EU.

I recently also got a promo from that bank-based in Germany. It says to offer free banking-which no dutch bank does. However it is pretty unclear if it works like CRedit Card-with 4x4=16 digits as bank account, OR with a real IBAN= starts with 2 letter country code, then 2 digits, then 4 letters for bankname. ONLY IBAN are accepted by NS, and they legally have to do that with any EU-based IBAN. As you likely know UK is now no EU anymore. NS does NOT accept cred-card payments for continuous subscriptions-in fact hardly any Dutch business will do that.

Though is all fairness, there are reported in this forum many and continuous various problems about bankaccounts, esp. changes in that.

I would be interested to learn how that bank exactly works.

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As far as I know, NS does accept credit cards for subscriptions (auto debit/incasso) but odering a subscription needs to be done at a Ticket & Service desk. Same for foreign IBANs.

hey, my bank is N26. It’s based in Germany and they offer an actual IBAN following the pattern you described. The problem is not N26 but NS. There’s a clear problem of communication there.  I still can’t wrap my head around the fact they lost my bank details 3 times in a row (and still pending). What have they done with them? They shouldn’t get away with things like this.

I am still in contact with photis about changing the account number. I have also contacted our NS Flex department several times but the bank account seems to be incorrect. To be continued...

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Vul het nummer in bij en je weet meteen of het een geldig IBAN is.

Een Duits IBAN is 22 karakters (DE gevolgd door 20 cijfers), een NL IBAN heeft er 18 (NL plus 4 letters voor de naam van de bank en dan 10 cijfers).

Ik weet niet of het wenselijk is dat we als Klantenservice het IBAN van de gebruiker op een website buiten onze eigen omgeving plaatsen ter validatie hiervan.

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Volgens mij is een gerenommeerde organisatie die ook validatieservices aan (grote) bedrijven aanbiedt. Een IBAN check kan ook gewoon een lokaal javascriptje zijn, met als uitkomst goed of fout, maar je krijgt op die site inderdaad nog meer (nuttige) info zoals om welke bank het gaat, plus de bijbehorende BIC/SWIFT code en welke SEPA zaken ze ondersteunen. SEPA DIRECT DEBIT is daarbij natuurlijk een belangrijke.

Voor zover men de check op hun eigen servers doet zie ik het ‘gevaar’ van invullen van een IBAN niet anders dan invullen van een adres op om een postcode te vinden (of andersom).

Good news :smile:  @photis bank account has been changed to the German bank account

Thank you Denice for your support in this matter. For the record, the IBAN I provided initially was correct. I really hope next time a customer has a similar request, NS will be able to respond promptly. Thank you once again for your help in this.

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Just wondering and out of curiosity, why was your IBAN a problem? 

I just opened a (free) N26 account, and will try to change my billing to that without the hassle.

The online/website does NOT accept foreingn IBAN, sucks. :sleeping: