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  • 7 December 2020
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I am traveling  4 days per week from Delft Station to Amsterdam Zuid (more often) or sometimes Amsterdam Sloterdijk in order to go to my work. 


I am interested to subscribe on the plan of trajectory free. But as sometimes I get off Amsterdam Zuid and some others to Amsterdam Sloterdijk which route am I supposed to subscribe on?


Amsterdam Sloterdijk is the longest with higher cost. If I will subscribe on this, will also the route to Zuid be included there or in case of check out in this station I will charged extra. 


Thank you. 


Beste antwoord door Laura NS 7 December 2020, 12:38

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Hi C. H. R PAPOULA, welcome to our NS Community.

Amsterdam Zuid is not on the route for Amsterdam Sloterdijk and Amsterdam Sloterdijk is nog on the route for Amsterdam Zuid. You'll make extra costs either way, unfortunately.

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An alternative would be to get Traject Vrij from Delft to Amsterdam Centraal.

With Traject Vrij you are allowed to take a 10 TE (tariff units, roughly kilometers) longer route.

Delft - Amsterdam C is 72 TE (via Sloterdijk)

Delft - Amsterdam Zuid is 64 TE and Amsterdam Zuid - Amsterdam C is 12 TE.

Total 76 TE, so taking this route is allowed.