• 2 October 2021
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Good morning,

I checked yesterday my travel history and I found some transactions that don’t know what they are. Both of them as you can see says that the first one had a check-in at 14.53 and check-out same hour and charged me 12€ and the same have in the second transaction that I had again check-in and check-out at 11.39 and charged me 4€ while before had already charged another 4€ to go from Majellapark,Utrecht to Central Station that normally costs 1-1.5€.




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The check-out at 14.53 is for a train ride with a missing check-in. You then pay the boarding fee (€20) but since you have 40% discount (Dal/Altijd Voordeel, or Weekend Vrij), it becomes €12.

Contact NS to correct that, it can be done 3 times per year.

The €4 are missed check-outs (boarding fee) for bus. You can correct those via

Good afternoon Vasiliki Marami and welcome to our Community. 


It looks like something went wrong with the check in and check out, you can contact our customer service. They will correct it.