unexpected NS cost

  • 3 October 2020
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Hallo I have checked my travel history and it supposes to not be around 83 euro I get announced. I think there is some mistake. could u check and contact me?

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Have you also checked your invoice in your MijnNS account and compared it your travel history?

If you have NS Flex there can also be costs for OV-fiets or bike parking. Earlier this year, starting in march, there was a technical failure which resulted in the fact that these costs were not invoiced then. These cost are being invoiced now, so it possible that your current invoice of 83 euro is partly because of this.

You can check that on the invoice you can download in your MijnNS account. Perhaps that will answer your question. If it still is unclear you can contact the customer service.

could u check and contact me?

hi @Dageon Yang 

We can't check your travel history and invoices for mistakes. You should contact someone from customer service by phone, chat, twitter or facebook