How do I delete my NS account ?

  • 18 September 2021
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Every month I'm getting an email receipt for €0 from NS, even though I'm not using any of their services nor am I subscribed to any plans. I don't even live there anymore. 


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2 reacties

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When you get this email receipt voor €0 you have NS Flex basis (without subscription) and had no travel costs that month. To end this you need to cancel your NS Flex and remove it from your card at an OV-chipcard machine. To cancel NS Flex you need to contact the NS customer service. 

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But if you now live far away from here=NL, you can if this annoys you, CALL the service centre (be prepared for extremely long waits every now and then)-explain it to them-or simply tell them the card is stolen, and they will then destroy it all and terminate the account.

You could also use the socalled '’social media, like twitter and botchat via this site.

If you do not do that, the subscription, at least to the current rules, keeps on forever and on your old address wou will even get a new chipcard when the 5-year term finishes.