Lost backpack on the train

  • 19 July 2019
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Yesterday we took the train from Schiphol Airport to Den Haag Central about 15h30. But suddenly we had to change to another train as there were some problem with that train and I left a backpack with 03 passports, 2 laptop (1 surface book + 1 HP laptop), 1 Go Pro, 1 360 Camera, 1 handphone, 2 USB Samsung SSD backup, 4 bank tokens, 1 4G Netgear, 1 Monblanc pen and a lot stuffs. I reported to the train station and submitted the lost property form. So far I haven't heard any thing from NS yet.
This morning thanks to a very kind local taxi driver, who helped me to get back the 3 passports, 1 sun glasses, 1 card holder, 2 bank token (out of 4). The rest is still missing. As I submitted the lost property is my backpack in black, I'm just worried what if somebody find my laptops or the USB disks somewhere as they become useless with the encryption then how NS can inform me?
The train that I left my backpack is 4665.
I will pay any cost incur due to my stuffs.
Thank you very much.
Tung Nguyen

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How is it possible @Nguyen Le Tung that the taxi driver did have your belonings with you lost in a train ????
And please, remote your very personal information from this site.
He helped me by talking to the police station at the airport and they said they got three passports and few stuffs in a plastic bag.
Sorry that I didn't make it clear at the beginning. This morning I called this taxi to go to the police station first and then go to the embassy to take care about the passport first as we will have problem to get back without passports. So this driver helped me to call the police station at the airport to check first.
By the way, how to remove my personal information???
Hi Nguyen Le Tung and welcome to our Community!

And how unfortunate that you've lost your belongings in of our trains! If you are worried about the contents of your backpack I would advice you to take up contact with our customer service. You can reach us through Facebook, Twitter, Chat or by phone: 030 751 51 55. They can help you with finding your belongings.

I've also taken the liberty to remove your personal details.