Taken from my bank account

  • 3 September 2019
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99 euros has been taken out of my bank account on 12 August, 2019. I have not been on a train nor have I bought any tickets. Please refund this money and explain what has actually gone wrong here. Thank you in advance for your urgent attention, Lavinia

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We don't know why this amount has been taken from your bank account.

The best thing to do is contact customer service. They should be able to tell you and help you if something went wrong.
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If you have a MijnNS account you can also check if there is an invoice and see what the amount is for.
Hello lavbay, welcome to the NS Community.

I am sorry that you don't know what the amount is for. I hope our costumer service can help you with finding an explanation. We're available 24/7 on Twitter and Facebook. It is kinda busy on these channels right now.
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Did you have a subscription in the past? Most annual subscriptions are automatically renewed unless you terminate them..
No, I have never had a subscription 😞
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Did you get fine? How else could NS know your bankaccount number?
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Did you perhaps use OV-fiets? And/or parked your bike at a NS bike parking?
Do you have NS Flex without NS subscription and used bus, tram of metro?

The first thing you need to is find out what the invoice is for, either by checking your invoice in your MijnNS account or contacting the customer service. Since it is very busy at the various channels for customer service checking MijnNS is faster.
If there is no invoice or the invoice is not correct then you can contact customer service to explain and/or ask for a refund.