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  • 5 November 2019
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Hi everyone! 

I just required my personal OV Chipkaart that has arrived few days ago on which I would like to add the Traject Vrij subscription for my work commute Rotterdam-Delft, but it comes out with this error "U kunt het product niet combineren met de andere producten op uw OV-chipkaart.

Moreover, the day I received my cart I added the subscription De Voordel for the 40% discount during off peak hours (only because I didn't understand that it was possible to have the discout also with the Traject vrij), paying 5 euros for the first month because it wasn't popout the entire price but it was only possible to pay monthly, but I used yesterday during off-peak hours but it didn't work. I also cannot see anywhere Which type of subscription I have. It seems like I don't havy any on my OV chipkaart. 


For now I only would like to solve the Trajct Vrij subscription first. How can I do?


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Hello AllegraT, welcome to the NS Community.

Right now you have NS Flex Dal Voordeel. You can't combine that with Traject Vrij. You could ask our customer service (it's very busy today so I would not call) to cancel your current product. It should not be possible to do so within the first month, but since your making an upgrade they might make an exception for you. With NS Flex it says ‘Reizen op Rekening’ when you check in. That does not mean that you don't have a subscription. You can see this in your Mijn NS-account.

Thank you for the traject vrij information, I will contact the customer service. 

Regarding the NS Flex subscription, I tralleved during off-peak hours yesterday but I paid the same price as the regular one, not with the 40% discount, and I cannot read that I have this subscription on Mijn NS-account under my personal OV chipkaart profile. For these reasons I've asked here. 

I can’t see the status of your ordered season ticket, I’m afraid. Since you’re contacting customer services already, please ask if they can have a look if everything went well. Did you receive the card with NS Flex already on it and then ordered the Dal Vrij, or did you get an empty card and then order NS Flex Dal Voordeel? In the last case, did you pick up the order at a card machine?

Yes is the second option and I didn’t pick up the order at a card machine because it said that there weren’t order to pick up, but I paid 5 euros for the first month. At this point what should I do? Maybe it is better not to pick up the order and ask for the traject vrij to the customer service? 

You unfortunately can’t put a new season ticket over an ordered NS Flex season ticket. Maybe you were too soon with picking up the activation? Was this within the hour? If you want a Traject Vrij right now, the NS Flex needs to be cancelled properly first. Customer service can do this for you.