Disapointed: delayed train did not let more people in

  • 16 februari 2019
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good afternoon, this morning at the station in Central Amsterdam the train that left at 6.13 for Alkmaar had a delay of 10 minutes, about 10 people wanted to board the train and one of their employees did not allow us to enter, in several I have been at times when the train is delayed and I could approach it, but this lady was uncompromising and rude, I think that people like that do not give the image or the service that the train company should give, the one I use constantly to travel to my work and return to my home and it is a shame that things like that have to happen, I really feel very upset with that situation

2 reacties

Good afternoon Juliana Alzate and welcome to the NS Community.

I'm sorry to read that you were treated rudely. I can't tell for sure why you were refused entry, but even though there was likely a good reason, you still should be treated fairly.

I've made a registration of this situation, so it'll get forwarded to this colleague.
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Where you already on the platform and ready to board when this delayed train arrived? Or did you only get on the platform after that?

And did the train conducteur already whistle to indicate the doors were closing and the train about to leave? Or were perhaps all doors except the last one already closed?
In that case you are not allowed to enter the train anymore, no matter if the train is on time or delayed.
In fact, if the train is delayed they may want to leave as soon as possible to avoid further delay and if several people are still boarding the train this could cause the delay to get from 10 minutes to 12 minutes.