Great assistance from NS Personel, terrible help from ING bank with geldautomaat on amsterdam CS

  • 4 augustus 2016
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Just want to compliment the NS ticket lady that tried what she could on Amsterdam Centraal to help when my card got stuck in the ING geldautomaat . She phoned ING and tried to get them to help (she fortunately had a number to call) , but sadly ING are not able to assist people when using their ATMs on the station.

The ING geldautomaat on Amsterdam centraal have no contact details for ING if there is a problem (no number anywhere on the ATM!). Even calling their helpline , they offer zero assistance if your card is stuck in the machine. If you are a tourist and have a problem with the ING ATM, you will not get any help. So be warned!

I can only recommend that NS look into this ATM and make sure ING can provide proper assistance (at the very least ING MUST put a phone number on there!) , it is terrible to lose your bank card when you are travelling through amsterdam .

This is the ING geld automaat next to the Shakies and across AKO .

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Hello silvertemplar! Welcome to the NS Serviceforum!

Good to read that the ticket lady helped you this way! This is also how we like to see it 🙂 Thank you for sharing this compliment about her. If you want me to forward this to her you can send me a private message (click on my name and send message) with as much details as you have about date, time, place, looks, everything! She's probably glad to also read this.

Furthermore, sorry to read that your card was stuck in the machine. I totally understand that you're not happy with this, but unfortunately I can not really help you with this. It's ING that needs to forward this complaint to the responsible department. Maybe you can try to contact them via for example Twitter or Facebook? Hopefully they can help you further!
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Thanks will send you a message. Also ,yes i've contacted ING to complain, although they are not exactly very foreigner/english friendly, hopefully it will reach the right department.
I received silvertemplar's private message and I will forward the compliment via the right department to her 🙂