Luggage Locker Extortion

  • 20 april 2017
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I have left my bag in the bag locker at Amsterdam Central for 24h (paying 10 euros).
When I came to pick up the bag - 26h later (that is, just 2 hours over the time) - the machine charged me 15 euros on top of the 10 euros I had already payed.
I complained with the people working there but they said they could do nothing about it and that I should complain for the reimbursement here. So PLEASE PAY ME BACK MY MONEY!!!

1 reactie

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The bigger lockers at Amsterdam Central cost 10 euro for the first 24-hour-period, then another 15 euros for a second 24-hour-period.

The first 24-hour-period has to be paid in advance and any following costs have to be paid when the lugage is picked up. Since you did not pick up your luggage within the first 24-hour-period, you were charged for a second 24-hour-period as well. This is the reason you had to pay 15 euros when you picked up your luggage.

Although I agree with you that the prices are quite substantial, you were charged the correct amount. Therefore, I don't think a reimbursement is in order.