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  • 9 juli 2014
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Nice, that new top for machines that don't sell tickets anymore. Nice, if you speak Dutch, that is. However, not everybody does. Was it really that hard to add an extra, English indication "No traintickets"?

And I expect NS to pay me wages for helping no less than five (5!) tourists today who had difficulties buying a ticket at Maastricht station today because for some reason, in the middle of the day the ticket desk was closed. It's a good thing I had some spare time.

4 reacties

Lots of people complaining about that new system btw, especially the 1 euro extra cost will drive many people away from the train:
Thanks for your feedback PPP. Maybe we can add the words 'no traintickets' later on the ticketmachine. You were at Maastricht station? Normally the servicedesk at Maastricht are open till 7 pm. I moved your question to the topic 'op het station'. Kinds regards, Leny
I know, I was surprised that it was closed too, any idea why that was? So, will I get hired by NS as tourist-helper? Obviously, I was doing a much better job than the Limburgers that currently work there. 😛
I checked our webpage with jobs for you, but we're currently not looking for any tourist-helpers at the moment;-). This does not mean we don't appreciate what you do.