Smoking inside bus stations

  • 18 januari 2019
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Dear NS, how about a serious campaign to avoid/restrain smoking inside the bus stations? Smokers seem to be not very respectful, and don’t care about others passengers health and well-being. It’s a common practice. They just come inside and smoke. The non smokers have to go out, no matter how cold or raining it is.
Shouldn’t it be the other way Around?
Wouldn’t it be a very nice opportunity to NS to be innovative and disruptive and promote education on respect and health?

2 reacties

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NS is not responsible for bus stations and bus shelters. You can contact the responsible operator for your bus service to do something about this.
Hi Taysdefaveri. Welcome to the Community.

To be honest I don't know why NS should campaign for a smoke free bus zone because we don't own these 😉. In most cases these are owned by the bus company or the city township. I understand your point of view but I'm afraid NS can not help you on this one.