Walking through a station with checkin/out barriers

  • 4 September 2015
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I live in Arnhem near the train station and I regularly walk through the train station to get to the bus station. There are now check-in/out barriers being put up at the station. Will it still be possible to walk through to the bus station? Can you check in and check out with your OV chipcard and not be charged if it is within is few minutes?

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If you check in and out at the same station within 60 minutes you will not be charged.

To be precise you will be charged 20 euro when checking in and get refunded 20 euro when you check out. So you need at least 20 euro on your card. (although i think you can get to -4 euro on your card, so 16 euro would be enough)

Edit: Thanks @thom for the correction (60 minutes instead of 35)
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The answer is correct, but it is 60 minutes, not 35.