Where to report criminal activity.

  • 1 juli 2016
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Hi. On the evening of the 30th of June, at Amsterdam Zuid station a guy followed me through the gate after I checked in. I was running as the tram was delayed and I tried catching my train. As he followed me up the escalator to platform 1&2 where he unclipped my Beats by Dr. Dre headphones from my bag. I heard the unclipping noise but thought they just came loose and that I'll get them assoon as I reach the platform. As I turned around to get them he placed them on the silver frame which separates the two escalators. I thought he was a passenger running with me for the train. Out of confusion I grab them and got on the almost departing train, instead of getting on the train he just took the escalator down again. Probably looking for a new victim. Whould it be of any help to find his face on the security tapes? Regards.

5 reacties

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You can report this at the local police office. The NS doesnt look into videotapes without order from the police due to privacy rules.
@slidestops should I still report it even though nothing was stolen from me?
Yes, you should. an attempt to commit a crime is also punishable.
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That is your own choice. I would do that because the attempt is also punishable and there will me more evidence against the suspect if they bring him to court for something else.
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Technically trying to steal something something from someone is a criminal offense on it's own. So yes, you should still report this.

Anyone who tries to steal something from you, can possibly succesfully make other victims. So by reporting this, you can help in the investigation.