Workmen hired by NS smoking in Den Haag Centraal station

  • 18 november 2015
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I want to report building site workers who are smoking in Den Haag Centraal. This is not allowed, but has been going on for several weeks. Already this week, I caught the same worker smoking on Tuesday morning and again on Wednesday (today) morning. There have been previous incidents of this stretching back over several weeks. The person I saw this week smoking is ethnic white, aged around 50 years old and very tall, at least 2.00 metres. This is happening just before 7am every morning, as I regularly take the 07.03am train to Schiphol airport form platform 10. There is building work ongoing near platform 10, near the eastern exit of the station towards Koninklijke Bibliotheek. The workmen are using the escalator from the first floor of the station that leads down from the bus station, the same one I also use. The workmen are dressed in bright orange overalls. I’ve reported this several times to NS staff in the station, but they don’t care and don’t even walk towards the location of the problem. I’m really disgusted that you are allowing building workers to smoke who are from a company obviously hired by NS to do this building work in the station, and especially that no-one employed by NS and wearing NS uniform in the station even wants to intervene to sort this out. These workmen should be fined for breaching the rules. Passengers are not allowed to smoke, and you’d give us a fine. These building workers are not above the law. Also I have a right to a smoke-free station. You should position NS security staff at this part of the station and catch this smoker red-handed, as he clearly thinks he can do what he likes. This is causing needless inconvenience to me having type out this. I am being punished while the smoker goes unpunished with no fine and nothing to worry about. Lastly you might provide a general email address on your website instead of having the irritating robot misunderstanding everything you type and having to put all your details down.

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Hi levado,

Welcome on our Serviceforum Adc26. I understand that's frustrating. It's also not allowed for these workers to smoke on a station. I will put this through, so a station manager will speak to them. They also have to smoke in a smoking zone. Thanks for your information and signal. For this kind of complains you can also use Twitter or Facebook.