Cheaper off with the OV-Chipcard

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So there are two possibilities:

It's noon, and we have an off-peak discount subscription of some sort. Check in at Amsterdam Central, travel to Maastricht, check-out at Maastricht. Fare price: €15.

It's still noon, we still have the same subscription and yet again we check in at Amsterdam Central and travel to Maastricht, but clumsy as we are, forgot to check out. No worries though, as this results in the fare being only €10! So we're cheaper off than when we would have checked out.

Now we're in fact not clumsy at all, we're actually Hollanders, calculating well and doing this trick every week (twice, once on the way to Maastricht and once on the way back), saving us €520 per year. Not bad! All we have to do is in Maastricht, check in with Veolia and immediately check out again (no charge!) to prevent a check-in at Maastricht with NS to be processed as a check-out.

The question isn't whether or not this will work. It works. The question is rather how long it'll work and why fares above the check-in deposit actually exist in the first place.

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If you fail to check out twelve times, your card will be blocked.
And then you can unblock the card at a counter.
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Surely they'll keep count of how often you do that?
This is considered as fraude and can have major consequenses for you if it happens too often. We keep track of this.
If you consider that as fraude, how will you prove that ?

I check in and out 10 times a day sometimes x 300 x 5 jaar is 15000 transactions. If I forget 12 times out of 15000 I am a fraudeur ?
en Inge NS als je door een storing niet kan uitchecken, trekken jullie die keren er van af ? Vast niet he, die keren tellen ook mee en met jullie aantal storingen per jaar kom je wel aan 12x in 1 jaar
Hoe houden jullie dat bij, komt er elke keer als je vergeet uit te checken er een melding bij te staan, verdacht of onschuldig ?
First of all, how do you keep track of this? I could be using multiple cards, and obviously, I will only do this when the fare price is in fact above the deposit fee, so I won't always check in without checking out. Second, I suffer from a concentration disorder (I actually really do), which causes me to often really forget to check out. There is no way you can prove that I intentionally travel without checking out.
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You have to complete the WHOLE trip whithin 6 hours/that means no visit at all to the city in this case.
But other as what NS tells, its legal and perfectly possible for shorter trips to stations without all gates closed. Just WAIT with check/out till you come back to the station. And do not use it for other bustrips in between
En ieder die ff als zuinige NL denkt, die grijpt toe bij AH/nu, Kruidvat of wie dan ook als ze voor net iets meer de hele dag rondreizen aanbieden. Dat weet NS ook wel/hun verlies is stukken minder als dat als vergelijk wordt genomen.
How do you mean "no visit at all to the city"? If I have no intention of checking out at all, I can let my trip last as long as you want...
(Or were you secretly already referring to the trick 'check- in - travel - don't check out - check in with other card - travel to Amstel instead of Central - check out with first card - continue to Central - check out with other card'? That was supposed to stay secret. 😛 )

And yes, I know, a return trip with an AH tickets is cheaper than two times checking in and not checking out. Which already indicates that NS charges us too much anyhow.