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  • 16 oktober 2014
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For some reason I can only check in or out with the card directly. I cannot do it through the wallet. I see lots of people doing that and some of them do it through the backpack. Is there something I need to activate for that to work?

Catalin Ciubotaru

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No you dont have too.

Maybe some other card is blocking the signal, but I Always put my card in my hand for check in/out.
Nope. I tried lots of angles, with an empty wallet, a second wallet etc. My girlfriend had the same issue. The cards are 4-5 months old.
Hi Catalin, not every card is able to check-in while coverd by a wallet (or backpack). I would always recommend to put your card in your hand as Macca says, to be absolutely sure you can check-in while walking. To be clear: your chipcard is fine as long as it is able to check-in while you hold it in your hand. I've moved this topic to OV-chipkaart.
That is very strange, every chipcard should be able to do that.

And what you say is not true, there are plenty of chipcard completely working with check in and out, but your conductors can not read them and those cards are broken. Many subjects on this forum are dealing with that issue and that could be the case here also.

Here for example
You're right, Macca. The bulk of chipcards that are able to check-in, can be checked by our conductors. Sometimes the issue you name comes up. Catalin does not say anything about this, so the conductor will be able to check the card.
Yes you are right about that but every chipcard should be able to check in from the wallet or bag unless there is something blocking it which is not the case here.