• 7 januari 2020
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I request this a month ago but I still can’t get an answer.

Can you check this please?


Number : 601062428

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@Shin Woo Jung,

Please remove the printscreen. This is a public forum. Anyone can steal your data at the moment. 

Log in, tap the 3 points at the bottom right of the comment and remove.

It is never a good idea to put your bank account number etc. online.

You asked money back for a delay of 30 - 59 minutes for a trip from Utrecht Centraal to Utrecht Centraal. Did you give any additional information about the delay? Because for a trip of 0 km, you usually can't get money back.

For any other info, contact the customer service directly by phone, Twitter, Messenger or any of the other ways on


Oh okay

I removed it

I request a month ago then I noticed that something was wrong.

So I send a form for the delay again about the same situation an hour ago but I received an email that they can’t get the request because it is the same form as before.


The request I send today is 601093810


Hi Shin Woo Jung and welcome to the NS Community!

Please contact our customer service for more information about your claim. They can help you with that!

Where should I contact?

I already send a form 2 times and also contact here.

pleas tell me the exact place or person I need to cantact

You can find all places to contact us here. Due to a failure in our systems it is very busy so it can take a while before we can help you there, I do apologize.

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Does NS issue refunds for journeys where the arrival station is the same as the departure station? I had to cancel a trip last month due to severe delays and was charged €20. I'm still waiting to get my money back.

Did you check-in and out with NS that day? In that case our customer service can help you with that!

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That's good news, because I have a check-in and a check-out registered for it.