• 13 April 2021
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I am currently back in my own country and unfortunately my netherlands number doesn’t work here. Thus I can’t change my IBAN on the sytem to pay my invoice nor do a transfer because it asks for a phone confirmation. I received an email saying that I need to pay it immediately but I’ll be back in Netherlands 4 days later. So I’ll be able to pay my invoice on 17th soonest. I just wanted to let you know about the situation so that I can avoid any fines.

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If you know someone in the Netherlands who will pay for you, it is a wise move to do it that way. If your payment is overdue, it has consequenses and Customer service cannot stop the procedure. In the case you have a Flexsubscription it will be terminated and you will need to pay €40,00 extra to the debt collector. Your debt is payed when it is visible in time at the account of NS. If not, NS will consider it as no payment.

You may contact Customer service, what you wrote here will not be considered as a letter to NS.