Fine from Duivendrecht to Veenendaal, 10 June

  • 12 juni 2019
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On Monday, 10 June, I traveled with friends from Duivendrecht station. I scanned my OV card, as always, assuming I was checked in. Once I reached my destination (Veenendaal West), I checked out, not realizing it had only checked me in at that point (this happened to my friends as well). Later that same day I traveled to Amsterdam Central. When leaving Veenendaal West I was notified that I was already checked in, I assumed I double tapped my card on the machine, since this had happen before, a bit confused I traveled to Amsterdam and checked out on arrival. Therefore I didn't think anything of it, until checking my NS app today and noticing a 20 euro fine.
I request this please be removed, since it was am honest mistake, and not being in the Netherlands long, I didn't even know this could happen. I also don't have the money to pay for this, being an Au Pair. When traveling next time I'll be more observant.

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Hi anevn, welcome to our Community!

Please stop worrying! Everything will be okay. This happens to a lot of people every day, so we're kinda used to it. Do you or someone in your environment owns a Dutch bank account? Because we can then make sure you receive the money back in three weeks. You can call, chat or DM with our customer service. Just let them know what happend, they will help you kindly! 🙂