forgot to check in for Supplement Cost

  • 20 September 2021
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Good afternoon, officer. 


I am Youngjun Mo (3528 **** **** ****), born in 7th of Nov in 1993.  


On 16th of September, I took the direct train from Rotterdam Central to Schiphol airport. 


But I forgot to check in for the Supplement cost (2.6euro). 


So I wish to know what to do for this issue. Can this be automatically paid by my bank ? 

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Hello mr/mrs MO.

This is a general forum-sometimes someone from NS passes by to check if there are any unsolved issues. Not really an officer, but thanks very much for this compliment.

My advice as another frequent traveller is: do not worry. NOOne by now even knows that NS has lost an odd euro in revenue (IF you have a subscription, this amount is 40% less).

IF you feel NS is entitled to this amount, best thing is to buy a cheap ticket-like a KIds RailRunner (cost 2,50) and put it in the bin. Cheapest ticket for adults is 3,50. OR-if you travel more often on this line by fast train-just scan an extra time your card.

Good luck for you and praises for this piece of honesty!