I didn't receive my personal OV-chipkaart

  • 20 maart 2016
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I applied personal OV-chipkaart almost 2 weeks ago.
It had to be arrived last week.
How can I get my card?
My Referentienummer: 18078913
Please answer to me.

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Guseod, I had a quick look at your account and order.

A card was made on 08.03.2016, which means you should have received the card already. If not, please let me know.
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Hi guseod24, welcome on the NS serviceforum.

I'm sorry to read that you have not received your personal OVchipcard yet. The customer service of OVchipcard employs a week as a maximum for the time to send the OVchipcard to customers. It sounds like something went wrong here. I recommend you to contact the customer service about this. Unfortunately NS does not produce and send the OVchipcard so you have the best chance for the right sollution by calling them. I hope they can help you with this.
Guseod, I had a quick look at your account and order.

A card was made on 08.03.2016, which means you should have received the card already. If not, please let me know.
Guseod, I had a quick look at your account and order.

A card was made on 08.03.2016, which means you should have received the card already. If not, please let me know.

I didn't receive the card yet. It's over 2 weeks. I sent mail about it to OVchipcard customer service center.
They are just repeating 'call 0900 0980.' But, I cannot call the number. Because 'Lebara' sim doesn't support calling 0900 phone number.. I cannot do anything. But there is no my fault. I payed and I want to receive my card. Help me please.
I will send you a private message with the address to which the card was send.
Good evening,

I have the same problem. My card was sent on the 24th of Oct and its already 2 of November and still haven't received it.

Can you advise me on how to proceed?

The order number is: EMA010-0616

Thanks a lot
Hi Kurdalam. Did you purchase a NS subscription as well? And how do you know your card was already send?
hello. I also applied personal OV-chipkaart on 10th of october.
It had to be arrived this week. but i haven't get it yet. and I have also bought NS subscription(Dal Voordeel 29€ instead of 50€) Here are the details:

Datum:10 oktober 2017
Relatienummer: ****
Ons kenmerk: ****
Onderwerp: Bevestiging bestelling NS-abonnement

How can I get or track my card? thank you
Hi. I ordered my personalised ov chipkaart on the 1st of october. It's 19th now and I haven't received my card yet. Have called the customer care thrice already. Each time they say they would order a new card. Likewise twice the card has been reordered and I have been told it would reach me soon. But to no avail. My travel is getting majorly disrupted and expensive because of this and I do not have a solution for this. Could anyone please help?
Name on the card: P Nopani
Date of birth: ****
Payment reference: ****
Gender: Female
Hello eda ozdere and Pahalnopani, welcome to the NS Serviceforum!

I've removed some information from both your messages due to privacy reason, as this is a public forum.

I understand both of you haven't received your OV-chipcard yet, even though you ordered it quite some time ago. As has been earlier stated in this topic, the official delivery period for an OV-chipcard is 7 days, which both of you have already surpassed. From what I understand from your message, Pahalnopani, you've been contacting the Customer Service of the OV-Chipcard company. So I would like to advice both of you to contact our Customer Service via Facebook or Twitter, to take a look at what might have gone wrong and possibly offer an temporary alternative so you can still use the discount of your subscription.

I had applied personal OV-chipkaart on 6th Nov 2017. Its more than 3 weeks now and i did received my ov- chipkaart
It had to be arrived within a week.
How can I get my card?
My Reference number: PC05300005350486
It would be very grateful if you can help me in this.
I could check this for you, but I'm not sure if we're able to do this tonight. I might not be able to answer before Sunday.

If you want me to check this for you, you can send me a private message by clicking on my name. I'll need your zip code, house number, full name and date of birth.

If you need an answer tonight, I'd advise you to contact us in a different manner.
I have the same problem. I bought a personal OV-chipkaart with a 2nd class DalVordeel on April 14th and I have not received it yet (relatienummer 23428732). I already paid for it and the subscription started on April 21st but I have no card so the person I bought it for cannot use it. I would be really greatful if you could help me get it.
Welcome to our NS Community, RuthGr 🙂 I'm sorry to read that you didn't receive the OV-chipcard. Please contact our customer service about this issue.
I tried and they told me to call the customer service of OV-Chipkaart (09000980). However, I am getting no answer there. I also tried contacting them by email but no response either. Is there any other number that I could try? Thanks.
I assume they advised you to apply for a replacement card? You can also reach them on Twitter (@OVchipkaart).
I cannot apply for a replacement card because I never got the actual card, so I don't know the card number...
I understand. Please call/DM them. Tonight they are available until 21.30.
Hello Team,
I have applied for personalised ov chipkaart through online on 2nd June but still I didn't receive the card.
Please do needful.

Naam op de kaart: X
Geboortedatum: X
Geslacht: Man
Betalingskenmerk: PC05300009662904
Bedrag: € 7,50
Rekeningnummer: **** **** **** ****
Automatisch opladen: Nee
Where did you order your OV-chipcard? 🙂

Hi Team,


I have applied for OVI chipkaart by 6th Jan but it's been more than 14 days ,Still i have not received my Ovi chipkaart, kindly advice me to get my card soon as earliest.

 Please find below details for your reference,

Naam op de kaart: **

Geboortedatum: **

Geslacht: Man

Betalingskenmerk: PC05300011682047

Bedrag: € 7,50

Rekeningnummer: **** **** **** **** **

Automatisch opladen: Nee




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Please contact TLS/OV-chipcard, see

Hello Velan, welcome to the NS Community. 


I see that you've sent the same message in another topic. I have removed that. There is no need to send it twice. I have deleted your personal information from the message. You can do as Robert B says. NS does not make the cards, so unfortunately we can't help you trace the order.


I have ordered an OV card the first of March, as of today 25th of March I still haven't received anything.

I have tried to call the customer service but my sim card doesn't allow me to do so. Can anybody please help me? I have been trying to contact someone since 2 weeks now with e-mails and other calls.

IBAN: NL56DEUT0265186420
Naam: ov-chipkaart/Trans Link Sy
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@Pietro Melis Please contact the customer service of OV-Chipcard as they manufacture the card. You can find alternative options to contact them on their website.