Lost my money in my NS card

  • 21 August 2021
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My friends landed with Thalis and couldn't leave the terminal because the QR (with their ticket was not allowing them to check out) so then, they  used the NS card with 20 credit and soon the card went 0,00 money in their both cards. I need the full refund. Please. 


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Contact Customer service for this. It is a 24/7 service. As far as I know most and even maybe all gates at RotterdamCS normally accept QR/Aztec. These are the transparent ones. You could also have left the station with a kind of emergency button btw.The code on the ticket should have worked.

There may  be a refund, but is not sure. Customer Service decides. Keep your card and if possible Thalys tickets at hand. As there was probably no need to open the gates this way, it is wise to try to convince. Customer Service will check your card to see what has happened on it.

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Probably a tipical starters/unknowing mistake. I´ve seen numerous examples of people holding that bar/QR code for the wrong part of the gates. AND there is always+always a direct help fone line near all gated exits to ask for assistence.

On INternational selfprint tickets issued in NL there is even a pictogram on them on how to handle-missed bij at least half of the users