missed checkout - requesting a refund

  • 4 december 2019
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I missed the check out point in Schiphol airport, Amsterdam on Friday 29th November. I got charged €20. I request a refund as soon as possible. Thank you.


5 reacties

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You have to do that process all by yourself by checking at the site uitcheckgemist.nl and follow the menu. It should be pretty obvious that without further details nothing can be arranged. Depending on how far you came it might even have been the odd EUR cheaper to not check out.

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You have to do that process all by yourself by checking at the site uitcheckgemist.nl 

That hasn't been possible for at least a week now.

@Fitzpaisling will need to request a refund using a Mijn NS account.



Good morning Fitzpaisling and welcome to the NS Community!

As masd has stated, the uitcheckgemist website is currently unavailable for NS transactions. You can correct this yourself via your Mijn NS account, or, if it doesn’t work there, you can contact our Customer Service. We’re avaiable by phone (030-7515155), via Twitter and Facebook, or you can start a chat conversation (top right option).

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@Stijn NS

Do you maybe know why www.uitcheckgemist.nl is currently not working for NS transactions?

Sadly, no. Truth be told, I wasn’t even aware of it until I read your reply in this topic.

I do know that they’re having a big maintenance come weekend, but I’m not entirely sure if that’s related to this technical defect with NS transactions.