problem with Amsterdam Amstel Checkout

  • 20 augustus 2015
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I have checked out at Amsterdam Amstel four times in the last week (travelling from Houten) and the check out didn't register on my travel history. When I look at my travel history it says I've not checked out and I was charged 20 euro each time. I've been able to claim back 3 of the 4 and are awaiting refund but don't have the option to claim back the fourth one. I'm using an anonymised ov chip card. Not sure if I am doing something wrong but it does say that it is checking me out when I go through the barrier when I leave amstel station. I go down the stairs from the platform and turn right and go through the barriers where I check out with my ov card. I only notice the problem because my balance was lower then expected.

When I travel from Amsterdam Centraal to Houten in the morning it works fine (checking in at amsterdam and checking out at houten).

Beste antwoord door Dennis 20 augustus 2015, 14:53

Make sure you check out at NS, not GVB.
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Make sure you check out at NS, not GVB.
Thank you.
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So now you have to do work to get the overpaid money back:
via mijn NS you can claim it back online. But the max is 3x in a year.
For GVB = metro you have to contact them, as its not a forgotten checkout, its non-check in. They know about this error as it happens dozens of times each week. That charge is 4 eur/time.
Dank u, yes I've now seen my mistake. And manage to do it correctly tonight. An easy mistake to make as new foreigner in the Netherlands 🙂 How do I contact GVB to reclaim the 4 euro? Must happen very often! Thank you all for clarifying!