Question about ov-chipcard

  • 4 februari 2020
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Hello, I want to make an ov chipkaart with free weekend, if I go to a store in person it will be ready on the same day?  Do I need a bank account or can I pay in cash?

And which documents I will need?

I arrived a week ago and I will live here for 1 year. 

2 reacties

Hi alicemrqs and welcome to the NS Community. 

You can not purchase the NS season ticket without a Dutch bank account. Secondly, you can not purchase it in a store, you can only purchase it through our customer service or online. Once purchased you will be able to determine the starting date yourself. I would advise you to purchase the NS Flex Weekend Vrij which allows you to change your season ticket monthly. 

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First of all you need a OV-chipcard PERSonal, with your foto+birthdate on it. THis needs 5 workingdays to be produced. You get it for free if you order via NS at same time a kind of season like this. Its always a kind of endless subscription, so must agree that the money will be cashed from your bank every month, also any extra for travel outside the weekend. As for now you can choose between classic=lasts at least 1 year or FLEX-can be changed/stopped after 1 month of use.