Reception of my OVchipcard

  • 10 May 2021
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Dear sir or madam, 

I ordered a new OV-chipkard on April 29 that was supposed to arrive by post Thursday the 6th of May, but I still haven't receive anything yet. could you be so kind to help me with it and maybe tell me where my card is and if it will arrive soon?

Customer Number: xxxx
Reference: xxxx


Thank you very much for your help.


Kind regards, 

Candie Salenc


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Good afternoon Candie Salenc and welcome to our Community. Did you order it with a subscription on our website or via the OV-Chipkaart customer service? If you ordered it via OV-Chipkaart customer service, you should contact them. They can then check to which address it has gone or see whether it is still being processed. If you ordered it together with your subscription on our website, it is best to contact our customer service so that we can check the details.