• 12 mei 2021
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I’m travelling to tomorrow from Düsseldorf Flughafen to Groningen. I have the OV chipcaart which is free in the weekends because of DUO. Since tomorrow is a national day do I have to pay for my ticket or is it free? Thank you in advance 

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Your student weekend (studentenreisproduct) is valid for free travel in the Nethetlands on Ascension Day.

You could buy an international ticket from Düsseldorf to Groningen with 100% discount in NL. The ov-chipcard itself is not used then, but of course you need to have it on you.

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As an addition to @Robert B: Take care that you get there bij way of Arnhem or even cheaper, Venlo, and not by way of Leer or Münster in Germany.