temporally cancelling

  • 8 april 2021
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Hi my name is Vanessa. 

I would like to ask you to temporary cancel my subscription since nowadays I have a lot to do at my University. I'm not planning to travel in this days.


My OV-chipcard number is: **** **** **** ****






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2 reacties

If you already have an NS Flex, you can change it immediately via My NS or via our customer service. If you have a classic subscription, it is best to contact our customer service to terminate it or change it to a free NS Flex basic subscription.

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You can not pause a subscription, but there is a workaround. Cancel your subscription and do take a new one, called Flex zonder abonnement ( this is without subscription) at zero cost. You can do this with your old Flex-subscription after a month and with a classic subscription at any time. With Flex without subscription you can buy a new one at any time.

It is a workaround, but it works like what you intend to do.