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  • 5 februari 2020
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Hello staff,
Last month I ordered my season card and paid for it

But I didn't receive any card right now.

How can I deal with this condition and get my card?
By the way, I have already got my season card number 

It is 3528 **** **** ****.

I am expect your reply.



Kind regards

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The card exists since 21/1 according to https://www.ov-chipkaart.nl/applying-for-a-credit-refund/credit-checker.htm so you should have received it by now.

You can contact OV-chipkaart for info, see https://www.ov-chipkaart.nl/service-and-contact.htm


Thank you for your reply, it is very useful! I will try to do it .

have a nice day!

I hope they can tell you more about your card! Depending on the season ticket you've ordered our costumer service may be off help with the trips you'll make in the meantime. I hope you'll receive your card soon!

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You’d better remove your card number, because of privacy reasons.

I've removed the number. Good catch!