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  • 16 september 2020
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When the virus has passed, myself and my friend are planning to Fly to Amsterdam for One day.

Is it possible to hire a bike at Schipol airport, and return it to the airport later that day?

What are my options?



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Hi DecisNL. Welcome to the NS Community.

Sadly it's going to be hard to easily rent a OV-bike for a tourist. The OV-bike subscription can only be purchased through iDeal payment, which is for Dutch IBAN accounts only. You also need a personal OV-chipcard to put the subscription on. You can only purchase this with iDeal payment as well, or through PayPal when you have a Belgian, German or Luxemburg(ian?) address. It might be a good idea to look at other options I'm afraid.

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There’s no regular bicycle rental at Schiphol Airport. The airport is not a great place to start a cycling tour anyway. 

My suggestion would be to either travel to Amsterdam or Leiden by train or to Haarlem by bus and rent a bike from a local bike rental shop.

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This might be an option  Located near Amsterdam Central Station.


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The I Amsterdam website has an extensive list of bike rentals in and around Amsterdam:

Schiphol is indeed not the best place to start a cycling tour as it is quite far away from anything really interesting. Even if you want to go to the Amsterdam Forest it is closer to start from the outskirts of the city centre of Amsterdam (e.g. Vondelpark) than to start from Schiphol.