ov fiets Re: NS Factuur 9026884995 13.09.2016

  • 14 september 2016
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On 13-09-16 10:52, OV-fiets wrote:
> Geachte Mevrouw R. Ulbrich,
> In de bijlage vindt u de factuur voor uw NS Fiets- en/of OV-fietsabonnement met factuurnummer 9026884995 van 13.09.2016.

my message:
Dear Sir or Madam,

I am looking back on a very difficult time of cancellations of all my subscriptions over phone. Please inquire the status of my card and so on as I was already cancelling all my regsitrations. So please end my subscription,if this has not been completed yet. As I was forced to CALL to cancel I have no proof of what has been said to me, but I was told i cancelled everything (in hour-long phone call sessions). I am not willing to be any longer registered in the Netherlands.

Please make that happen,

Kind regards

Raissa Ulbrich

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Hi Raissa and welcome! I understand that you want to cancel your Ov-bike contract because you are no longer in the Netherlands? Is that right?
Can we (still) help you Raissa?