Problem with returning ov-fiets - no free spots for keys

  • 7 april 2019
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Recently I've used ov-fiets service and rented a bike for 2 days.
But when I was returning the bike in Zaandam Station I wasn't able to return the key following instructions because there was no available spots

So I left rented bike inside and put the key into the blue box below keys storage (this is a normal practice when you rent a car for example)

But today I've got email from NS that my return wasn't successfull
"U heeft uw OV-fiets nu meer dan 3 dagen in gebruik. Dat betekent dat u een toeslag van € 5,- betaalt per 24 uur. Die komt bovenop de ritprijs."

The bike is locked and parked in the storage.
Please help me to resolve this situation.


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you have to make a telephonecall to the customerservice and choose for the option 'OVfiets'
Hi Dmytro Gorbunov and welcome at the NS Community!

I'm sorry to read that you wasn't able to put the key back because there was no space left.
It was a right decision to put the key in the dropbox. I don't dare tell you why you get this email. It may be that the ride was not yet properly closed afterwards.

Our customer service can help you further.

Click here to see how you can contact us.
Update: I've returned the bike this way at night between Friday and Saturday, (about 1 am), today is Sunday midday. So probably (I hope) this situation will be resolved on Monday.
Also from this answer I see that probably I did correctly put key in the blue box. (I wasn't sure about that because there was NO instructions in the storage about box)
oh, thanks a lot for quick response, I'm contacting now customer service via Twitter
it was resolved by contacting Customer Service, thanks everyone for support