Cancelled trip

  • 15 mei 2021
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Hello! I have bought a bike ticket. But there was no train connection between Rhenen and Utrecht. I had to go back. I didn't use the bike ticket. Can I get a refund? 

2 reacties

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It is not possible to have a refund. NS cannot check whether it has been used or not. That is why e-tickets are non refundable.


Edit: but take a look at het message below of @Robert B You are a non-Dutch speaker and may have missed the message of the track in Rhenen. Bikes are not allowed in buses, so you could only get to Veenendaal-Centrum. As you have probably not a check in or another ticket it to prove your intention to travel to Utrecht, you may be in luck, but it is not a right. NS may be merciful however.

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If you contact NS Customer Service and explain the situation (no trains all day today between Driebergen-Zeistand Veenendaal Centrum), chances are they can reimburse you.

Your bike ticket is useless but that’s not your fault.